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Extraordinary Membership (Basic Membership) as named "au├čerordentliches Mitglied" in our statutes. This is for humans.

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Membership Terms

Please make sure you have read our statutes and agree to them. Furthermore you understand and accept that this is a Extraordinary Membership as named "au├čerordentliches Mitglied" in our statutes. There is no exception possible. Without membership you are only allowed to view our public pages.

There is no right that membership is granted and the management is free to deny your application or cancel your membership based on our statutes. Especially if you have another account banned or suspended, you are not allowed to register with an different e-mail address. Furthermore all original documents are in German language and all English text is not valid for any legal action. Because we are based in Austria, German is by law the only Language for legal actions and all translations to English, including all text on the website exists only for better user experience, but never can any legal action be done by this translations.

Membership grants the right to use the EURAFRI services as mentioned in our statutes, especially the forum on this site. For the forum special terms ( and GDRP ( applies to keep the forum posts on an high level of quality. Please read the forum terms there in advance to make sure you can agree to the rules defined there. There is no refund if you cancel membership because of the other applying terms or GDRP rules.

Membership also binds you to the consent that EURAFRI is allowed you to inform by e-mail. The member information is not related to the newsletter and only members will receive the members e-mails. The EURAFRI organization informs its members regularly by means of a members-newsletter about EURAFRI news, projects, infos and offers. If you do not want to receive the membership information you are not allowed to register at EURAFRI.

You can cancel you membership at any time by canceling it at the payment provider or by contacting EURAFRI.

The place of fulfilment and the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes resulting from the contractual membership is Salzburg, Austria.


Most businesses operate their own mailserver in their office and will not run into email problems.

If you really must use freemail email addresses like Yahoo, Hotmail and others please be informed we received some feedback that there are email problems especially with,, Please do not use this freemail providers for your EURAFRI registration because it is possible you do not receive your account data and we are unable to help you. Googles gmail and others should work fine, check your spam folder there if mail does not arraive.

We suggest encrypted or if you are unable to host your own business mail server in the office.